Following Jesus: Through the Eye of a Needle

Pastor Andy's sermon from Sunday, February 14, 2016 on Mark 10:17-31.

A man who has everything, and yet is unfulfilled comes to Jesus this week asking “Is there something I missed? Something else I need to be doing to experience God’s life?”  Jesus wisely sees to the heart of the matter: it’s not about what you do, but what you love.  By calling us to give up our other loves, Jesus invites us to experience the only love that can fill us up.

I Love to Tell the Story: Promise of Isaac

Pastor Andy's sermon from September 20, 2015 on Genesis 18 and 21.

Are you waiting for an answer to a prayer?  For the fulfillment of a promise?  Are you in the midst of barrenness and brokenness wondering about this God who offers such distant, lavish promises?  This morning you’ll find yourself in the story and hear again about the God who is faithful. Our God is the God who turns barrenness into abundance, mourning into joy, darkness into light.  Is there anything too wonderful for the Lord?