Being a disciple of Jesus isn't a destination, it's a journey.  You never "arrive"; you're never "done".  So discipleship isn't just for children, it's for adults too!  We see our role in helping people to take the next step in this journey, whatever that step may be. There are two primary ways we do that: Faithwalking and small groups.  

Faithwalking begins with a retreat designed to start you on a journey to personal transformation that includes practices in spiritual formation, inner healing, emotional maturity, and missional living.  You can continue the journey with courses that run throughout the year.  Faithwalking is changing lives! Join in! For more information about upcoming opportunities click here.

Small Groups are places where authentic community is formed as we help each other grow as followers of Jesus. There are various small groups we offer.  Hopefully something meets you where you are.  If not, we'd love to help you start a new group!


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